Share files with everyone – anonymously.

Peeriod lets you search, provide and download content without servers, trackers, nor revealing your identity.


Peeriod transfers data directly between computers. No single corporate cloud that sells you out. Everyone’s the cloud, because your data should stay where it belongs – on your computer.


Your privacy is our motivation.
What you download or share with others is noone else’s business: Your data is routed through other users before it reaches its destination. As your data is encrypted, nobody on the way knows what is being transferred, where it came from, or where it’s bound for. Thus an eavesdropper has a hard time figuring out what files you are uploading, downloading, or even searching for.

Instant, Trackerless Search

Peeriod’s full-text search bubbles anonymously through the network. No trackers, no external indexing. Only you know what you want. And what you have.
If a result fits your needs, it can be instantly downloaded with just one click.

The Code

Peeriod’s core is written in JavaScript and runs in an application that is powered by node.js. Peeriod’s interface lives in the browser. The repositories featuring the complete source code are available on GitHub.

Peeriod on GitHub

The Concept

Peeriod’s current implementation tries to avoid a public key infrastructure. This document contains the concepts Peeriod is based on. How is anonymity pursued? Who do we try to protect you from, and what are the downsides of our decisions?

View Concept PDF

The Design

Read here how the application utilizes its concepts, how the message protocol is implemented and what technologies are used.
This document also contains known problems and planned future improvements.

View Design PDF

Download Peeriod Alpha Version 0.1.1 for Mac OSX 10.7 and above.
Windows coming soon.

Thank you for giving Peeriod a try!

Please note the following:

  1. Peeriod’s aim is to make mass traffic observation harder and to protect your privacy when sharing files with complete strangers. For this, Peeriod tries to avoid central certificate authorities (ourselves included). Thus your privacy is currently not protected from an active so called man-in-the-middle. This is an attacker who is able to monitor and especially adaptively modify all your network traffic, usually sitting in your local network. However, Peeriod does protect your privacy from passive eavesdroppers and especially other adaptive and curious Peeriod users.

  2. That said, please keep in mind that Peeriod is still an early experiment. So until proper review and longtime experience in the field, please be as careful as you always should be.

  3. Sharing is caring. Care responsibly.


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